The Chronological Order of Things

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-America men, no black men.  This is about properness and correctness not the color of the skin.

The Chronological Order of Things

My mother had conveyed a message to me after I moved back home about not travelling alone.  There was something back in her mind, probably because of people she had spoken with, that told me problem, not safe alone.  However, all that did was place me in the position when I travelled of taking care of others.  I would have had more experiences had I travelled on my own, I would have met more people.  I would have met more men.

This package delivered to my door, I do not appreciate the disguise.  She is a terrible teacher.  I will say nothing more.

Time Order:

Dachau, Germany.  God told me about the people and what happened in the crematorium.

I looked at an older photograph of my boyfriend, I was talking with him.  I said he looked happy in the photo.  He tried to disagree with me by telling me, how could he be happy when he was flipping off the camera.  He was happy though.  Beyond the gesture.  I was eighteen years old.  I was correct.  No one trained me.

I had a conversation with a man about the movie, Sneakers.  It unnerved him.  As if I was talking to him when I shouldn’t know.  He tried to get me on another movie, The Last of The Mohicans.  I will have nothing more with this connection.  I have my reasons.

If you like theories, and this is just a theory since I do not have unhindered access to information like the rest of the world.  It was nothing more than selfishness that took me away from The World of Coke.  It is only about Coke.  Selfishness to do so.  JonBenet Ramsey, I never believed or bought into this story.  How could I?  What law enforcement officer, what policemen answers a call without his belt and gun eating a doughnut?

It was an accident.  As I see it, and like I said it is just a theory.  He did bring her down to their basement, but the skull injury is an accident and the rest happened afterward.  Because what he wanted to do, he could not do anymore because she was dead.  His thinking is not cohesive or organized.  This is not code or direction.  I am thinking that’s all.  It was one man; the family was not involved.  How could they be?  It is only a theory.

The police involved, its ignorance.  It is purposeful and willful against the family because of their money and nothing more.

Thinking about it its gross.  Mishandling?!  It is more than mishandling.  It is abuse of power.  They answered the call without their belt and gun, so they could leave doughnut crumbs on their floor.

Murphy, Maurice and Lambert are all excited about the flowers.  They are trying to eat them.  Lambert thinks they’re his.  Murphy wants to be Involved.  Maurice, he wants to participate too.  What are these?  Do we eat these?

However, I and my mind are dealing with bigger things at the moment.  Loaded with heaviness for selfish reasons.  There will be no Coffee and Breakfast today.

I want to know why I paid and was given products to make me bald.  I want to know why Amazon gave me products to make me bald.  I want to know why.  Because the only reason I am able to think a corporation would allow such behaviors would be to start a war or destroy the businesses and companies this concerns.

If you haven’t been paying attention, I am not paying attention to any of you for food or purchase reasons.  Why would I?  Did you forget what I am capable of?  I didn’t.

I want to know why.

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