Coffee and Breakfast: Baking Bread

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.




October 5, 2018

In a kitchen with windows to let the light in, I am baking bread.  I have been wanting to bake bread for several weeks now.  All different breads.  White bread, wheat bread, pumpernickel bread, rye bread, challah bread, and more bread.  I would also make some of my chewy gingersnaps, and molasses cookies.

Sit at the bar or get a table.  Have coffee or espresso, whatever you like.  You will have a glass of still water as well, no ice.  It is just a tasting, a sampling of my baking.  Have the bread on a dish with varieties of butter, varieties of honey, and varieties of fruit.  If you want some cookies, also they will be on a different dish for better organizational presentation on the table or bar surface.

Because Cherith likes to be organized, of course she must change.

This is only for a select group of men.  I am going on seven years of being denied physical male relationships, I will not apologize for only wanting men.

I will not be writing to a man who may or may nor have been in the Marines that fucker is afraid of me now not the other way around.  Not only is he a drug user, abuser of woman, unable to stay faithful, he is an alcoholic.  You fucking assholes!

To a man who may not know this, they replaced an actor in a movie because it had the word back in it with another actress, so they could discredit, demean, and undermine the authority, ability, and correct use of the Army.  The Army specifically.  I found it insulting to say the least.  I found it insulting because it was aimed at a specific man.  It is beyond repulsive to me.

This man has gone out of his way to make sure he followed proper procedure for a reason, for me.  The change in the movie is as if to say that – that man specifically could be replaced with an actress of mediocre acting ability.  Is there not a military law or other laws to be used here about acts against the government?

I am eating with you as the days of me being able to only manage water were never understood correctly.

Because I am correct this is all you had to do, sit down with me share a coffee, tea, or espresso and use my thinking and brain ability to help you with cases, investigations, and other things you might be working on.  It would have been better, or better yet, you could have just hired me.  As I have told you things in the past about how I am able to use my brain with computer games because I can see the programming.  I can see, sense, and feel the programming.  How many decades ago was that?

Sharing theories, like how good it was of God to make snow the color white.  What if snow had been another color.  What if snow had been red, or pink, or black, or grey, or blue, or any other color other than white.  How would people have been able to survive winters if snow was not made of a color that would reflect the sunlight?

To this man who thinks my pink is his yellow that has yet to happen in the real.

As we sit on wooden chairs not a one of them black, I share stories like how when I was at Scotland Yard you heard language from me you don’t always hear.  Like why the fuck are they trying to blow me up?  I am not the President!  I am helping those agencies and law enforcement in the UK to keep democracy alive when the dumb-fucks at my work thought they could just keep going like what I was doing was not more than what it looks like!  Why are they still employed and not fired?!  Jesus Christ!  I do more jobs and work in a day than most people who get paid more than $50,000 a year do in a month!

How this man went out of his way to make sure he was following proper procedure and protocol for me, for many numerous reasons when…what did they have to do?  End the transmission – again – because some fucking moron decided they could threaten a town by planting bombs because no one heard and understood me the first time when I said 100% black-out and get the celebrities out of the whole entire process?!

How I asked them if anyone has checked out the hotels?!  Anyone?!  Did you look to see who was checked-in?!  How I asked them to cut the cable and electricity, so it could not be viewed as entertainment to see an entire town evacuated into a gym, where they kept optimism high by signing karaoke?!

Because I found it disgusting!

How the World Expo in Vancouver 1986 was the last time I remember a good tea.  Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.  The orange Ceylon tea at The Empress was good, however they used an averaging factor in its brew.  So, that the average person would find it palatable.  How High Tea at The Grand Floridian was also average with the exception of the Devonshire cream.  I never knew something so wonderful existed.

Then, I start on dinner where there will be no chicken of any kind at all.

Out the window of the kitchen are fields of wildflowers.  Wildflowers being one of my favorites because they grow without need of fertilizer or pesticides do not need excessive watering and replace grasses.

White wine to start, a little dry to balance the honey, fruity, sweet only because of the fruit in the wine.  Figs with Asiago and Parmesan drizzled with lavender honey.  Variety of grapes with mixed nuts, and fresh baked baguettes to plate together and eat as we drink.

I tell you to check in on the therapy.  They will tell you it is going.  I will tell you it is because this person is getting lots of attention.  I still want a restraining order against them regardless of where I park my car.  Also, be careful as this person has a prior most likely in the system when they were very young.  If not, others that were never placed in the system when they were young.  I will tell you this person thinks we are alike and similar, I will tell you we are nothing alike or the same at all.  I will tell you this person has never seen anything like the love I had for David.  They have never for a moment been loved like I loved David.  Because at that time, I loved David to the end of time back again to the dawn of time because I saw it.  My love for David has left me they literally brain-severed the connection I had with him.  It does not mean that I am unable to love another man with all of me again.  It does mean that I will not love just any man.  I am not able to love or like a man standing in front of David.  Ah, duh.  I am not an any man will do woman.  I will tell you this person gets angry every time I share, use, or speak the name David that is one reason they went to the post office.  David, David, David, David, David, David, David, David.  No person is able to replace David with a woman.  This is another reason I am not reading The Washington Post.

This is the person who probably poisoned my vanilla coke zero.  Whom should I thank for that waste of money?  I purchased vanilla coke zero from Amazon because I am white not black, and I can do the work.

No one else finds this completely unacceptable?!  Just me?!

Heaping bowl of salad is next with a different white wine and or a Rosé.  Different varieties of green leafed lettuces, tomatoes, thin onion slices, curls of shaved Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and a vinaigrette.  Plated baguettes to eat how you like with the salad.

Dinner will be several dishes.  Angel hair pasta nothing brown or black in the angel hair pasta, pan-tossed with olive oil, chopped Campari tomatoes, sliced garlic, kalamata olives, green olives without pimento.  Freshly grated parmesan cheese with freshly cracked salt and pepper when plated.

A platter dish of grilled turkey sausage, grilled turkey kielbasa, barbequed turkey legs, and grilled marinated turkey shank, thighs.  Nothing, but all white-meat turkey.

White fish grilled with Worcestershire sauce and chopped garlic plated with cilantro, parley, and lime to juice over the fish.

White fish cooked in a pan slowly with butter, so the butter does not brown, salt and pepper.  When the fish is cooked take it out of the pan, de-glaze the pan with olive juice, chopped olives, garlic, more butter, and white wine.

Dessert: Layered pastry with a design for lots of crispness when baked, filled with a very chopped hazelnuts, butter, and sugar.  Sprinkled on top with white sugar.  Served with fresh whipped cream if you want and raspberries.  Razzelberries, I call them.  Coffee, espresso, liqueurs, and dessert wine.

You were not very smart if what I saw in my head actually did happen and you allowed it to go on live on September 25, 2018.  When I said in my head, they are watching me it was not because I was nervous.  It is because I could see and feel them.  How much they do not like me, and someone like me.

I told you how I think.  They thought – I keep telling you, I have not been trained or taught – I would just agree with what they said.  When I said in my head, where’s the eel?

I wrote about a China problem, it was then allowed to play out as if I was saying the whole country was a problem when those who have the clearance understood.  They subjected my beers in my refrigerator to heaviness because they do not have the clearance to understand what I was writing about.

Those who knew, those who understood, ended and cut-off the transmission when I started talking in my head about the eel.  He is known.  He is very well-known.  At least that is how it looked in my head.

He would have started in the early Seventies.  A few mentionables might pop up before 1970 nothing significant enough until the early 70’s.

What I need in order to give better details and descriptions.  What I need to do this work.  You cannot facilitate in this way.  I need a map wall.  Not a surprise to some people I am sure.  I need a map wall I can zoom in and out from.

What I saw was that Beijing was secure.  It is further to the West, Northwest, and Southwest (in that order) of China where there are huge concentrations of another country, yet in appearances, is China.  Obviously, I do not mean countries that can be seen on a map.

If you go back and look at history, and political history it would help to make the connections.  As to how Beijing is secured, and the further West does not have the same…it is as if it does not have the same involvement.  The same governmental involvement, and that is a way activities have been able to happen.

What I saw was something so very established.  Accepted.  Very likely the Russians helped him and them.  However, they are no longer the USSR block.  Russia is going to want to help us now.  Real or not, true or not.  This is what I saw most of the formerly Soviet Union countries are not in the best…they could have their legs cut out from underneath them.  It is a way to get land and disrupt governments.

Believe me, I am not interested in telling other countries that there are plans about in the world to take away democracy and governments.  This is not something I want to write about.

What I saw was the closer the land gets to the coast of China the more business are merely fronts.

What I saw as far as torture and killings is a man who feels nothing for other human beings.  He does not like people.

What I saw was a way to filter the air through material placed over the mouth.  I know, several countries have this technology.  What I saw – this is the stuff of science fiction, so honestly it is difficult for me to believe, yet I saw it – a way to filter the air and or create oxygen through fibers only.

He probably has his own way of getting electricity and utilities.  He probably has a vast portion that does not require going to the market or making purchases from others.

What I saw were several plans working.  One of them being killing off nearly the entire population of the earth.  Only a select group remaining.

What I saw were a great many of things I am not able to give correct names, labels, or words.  There are things I do not have enough knowledge or information about.  I have done the best descriptions I could.  Had I been able to be an informed person, one that got correct information from news reports, and the internet, how much more I would be able to give you.

Do you see where there is a purposeful malevolence in this isolation, this house, and the employments I’ve had.

I am probably forgetting a great deal of details considering I have to work through 10+ hours of tiddly-winks, and keeping people from perverting, and degrading my work in my OWN FUCKING HEAD!

I had really good work I was going to write about Mexico.  Then, tiddly-winks showed up and now they are destroying democracy and me in the process.

When I spoke in my head about the wall between Mexico and America, I said that I did not think it was the best use of money.  Realize that I am denied resources that would allow me to be informed and knowledgeable about statistics.  However, what I saw was the thinking.  It would be a better use of money to send diplomats or something of the like to create relationships within governments and its agencies that would create lasting alliances and mutual benefits.

Because I had an opinion and thought about it in my OWN HEAD!  They went for my hair.  They had no authorization to be in my head or hear me thinking.  They were not authorized.  It is my head first.  It is my head alone.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in truth has no right or permission to hear my thoughts.  It was done illegally.  I never gave consent to any operations or dentists that would allow others to hear me think, to hear my inner monologue, or to hear me talk in my head.  IT IS MY HEAD FIRST!

No, I do think that Mexican’s believe that America is so much better than their own country that they skip across the border lines.  No, I do not believe that Mexicans want to leave their own country.  I believe Mexicans want their own government to do better by its own citizens than they have and are doing.  I believe Mexicans want their government, its agencies, its law enforcement officials to do more and better than they have allowed by not allowing Mexico to exist in the present day.

I believe what I see is Mexico and Mexicans living in the past as the glory of Mexico when I say it is not.

Mexico, what I see is land-locked, so there would have to be a lot of transportation used to get it out of the country.  The concentrations I see are mostly North of Guadalupe up to Moncolva, to Hidalgo del Parral, Monterrey to Ciudad Mante, over to Durango in that order.  This is the best I am able to describe with what I have available.

Everything I’ve written feel grossly inadequate in descriptions and writing.  However, I have been going on nearly twelve hours without really stopping I am going to stop.  I wish I could have written it better for all of you.

Be aware: I’ve had too many assignments placed in front of me.  So, I’ve had to stop responding to most of them.

Be aware: If I watch any Disney movies it will not be because of anyone that has or has not been placed in front of me.  I will not be responding to any such visual non-sense or race as to who is first.

Be aware that the building of this house was done so specifically so the insulation is not adequate on one wall making one side of the house hotter than the other.  So, it would require a fan to further cool the room.

Be aware they have had plans in place that is going to cost me several hundreds of dollars, probably more than I make in a paycheck, more than I make in two weeks of work fixing numerous appliances, household items, not limited to my garage door after the painting and balcony so they can make videos, YouTube videos.  Just like me washing my car is a video.  Something I am completely uninterested in continuing and never wanted.  Not to mention whose money is this?  It is my paycheck and every week they spend it before it gets to the bank.  For nearly seven years now.

I am not buying a pair of pants for the only reason that is has the name Dickies on it.

I am not Kate from Lost.  Or any other Kate.

How I am not buying any other gender-based clothing.  I am a woman.  Not a woman who want or likes to dress like a man.

Yeah, I took a call while working at Disney from China.  I can already see them working to turn this the other way.  The whole point of that phone call was that I, Cherith Gjestland was the other woman on the phone call.  I was the woman working in that office.  I told them in my head at work, I believed her to be very clean.

There was a man in the room with her when she spoke to me on the phone.  The point and the reason that Chinese man was going the other direction the other day while I was driving is that it was me and not another woman.  I, Cherith Gjestland, not a Chinese woman, a white-woman am in that office.



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