Something Is Wrong In My Building

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 7, 2018


Something is very wrong in that building.  Something very wrong went on in my building last night.

Did I actually have another death threat because I wrote about David, love, and still?!

Yes, I take the protection of the United States government, its governing bodies, and the President very seriously!

I take the notion of a gay woman playing President in the media as a very serious threat to the global picture of the United States and its government.  Because I see others, I see their brains, it is not fun and games to me at all!

You actually went live and with a challenge for the entire world in regard to my building?!  Who the fuck let this happen?!

I have seen a gay woman who manipulated my brother in the past.  I see she is a daddy’s girl.  He has law enforcement background and other skills and he has coddled her.  How very nice for them except that it has caused problems in my family because she does not always make the best decisions like hitting me in the face at work.

It looked like I startled a few people with writing about how I knew of this other woman’s priors that apparently no one knew of or thought to find out about.  The psychologists should be worried although they are not concerned enough.  This woman is too involved and concerned with me.  I still want a restraining order against her.

It looked as though you did not know the full extent of what has gone on.  Everyone was in a long meeting.  I know you are not asking for my opinion; however, I would completely understand if you disassociated yourself from persons involved, and involvement in the project.  I will close the gate.  I am the only one.  I take this very seriously, and that is why I write the disclaimers I write.  I am not even interested in the appearances of threats.

Marinated flank steak quesadillas?  Ground turkey sausage with sage and celery stuffing with scrambled egg in a wrap or as a quesadilla?  Or without the tortilla.  Does that sound good?  Something cinnamon would taste good to me like a strong cinnamon espresso coffee.  Do they make cinnamon martinis?

Maurice and Murphy have been running around the house, playing pounce and play.  Lambert has been at the door.

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