It Was Preventable

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 25, 2018

That is very disturbing.

It does look intentional.

If what I saw happened for real there it is a security problem at your home.  I don’t take kindly to that happening to you or your family.

Most likely it was administered through a food.  They entered and left without anyone being aware until the medical emergency happened.  The police need to go through the contact list of management at Amazon prior to the event if they haven’t done so already.

It is nothing more than a message to the White House.  It was completely preventable.  If anyone had done what I had written about the first time, IT WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!

So, I am not to be written up, I am not to blame, I am not at fault!

No one has put enough pressure upon Amazon to correct the situation.

Again, Kris, Chris is compromised.  He needs to have his access revoked and be removed from the building.  Chelsea Walters is compromised.  She needs to have her access revoked and be removed from the building.

Continuing to not do what I write about what will work only gives persons like the Eel power over me.

It is the same to say that Amazon wants Evil to triumph over good.

I will not accept dock coaching’s anymore.  I have more than proven that I am correct.  Whatever percentile they write on a board means nothing.

It does not make sense to me why a lesbian and lesbians who are in management over me get so rage-filled angry because I see good in a man and am better around men.

It does not make sense to me why Amazon would allow these managers to assault me, essentially, every day at work.  I write about it so that they will prevent it and they do not.  Amazon does not prevent the assaults.

They allow persons to spray me in the face with facial hair growth.  They want to butch me up.  They want me to have a moustache because these lesbians find it attractive.

They allow persons to cause hair loss to make me look pathetic and manly.  These lesbians are doing nothing more than giving persons like the Eel power over me.

Congratulations Amazon!  Do you really want to be seen as company and business that allows Evil to win and triumph?!  Good job!  Good show!  If I must explain the sarcasm in that, stop reading.

Anything that they do to create a scenario of me only wearing a certain clothing because of a model or because I find reprehensible that my manager was allowed and not penalized or dismissed and fired after hitting me in the face while at work or because of a news story ONLY GIVES CRIMINALS POWER OVER ME BECAUSE I WILL NOT READ THE SAME TO THEM!  IF I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THAT SENTENCE TO YOU OR ANYONE, STOP READING!

It has to do with another business going on in the building and buildings at Amazon, a drug business.  I see it.  Can you imagine what that would do for Drug Lords if they found a way to legitimately disguise their illegal income.

If you are interested in taking these drugs off the market, placing these people out of business and putting them behind bars, you need to start at the beginning with Facebook 2010, 2011.  I think 2011 is when I first had a Facebook account and messaged David.  Not everything on David’s profile was his own work probably.  I see a tag-along on his account.

I repeat this should never have happened.

These years, this house, putting on television shows, radio shows, and in my home should never have happened.

You have given ideas to criminals.

Preventable.  Completely preventable.

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