Major Drug Bust

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 26, 2018


It’s massive.

This is massive.

Yes, I am aware people have been working on this for some time.  I do not believe they understand the complete size of this drug ring.  Massive.

This goes way, way back.

This is how massive this is: It means that every job I’ve applied for, every job I’ve interviewed for, every application I’ve sent, every place I’ve travelled to, every place I’ve been employed has been used as cover.  They have been using me and the filming as cover.

Cherith did this, I’ll do this too.  This is the thinking.  It is not using me as inspiration it is a copy -that is the closest I am able to describe it.

You need to put together a massive drug task force.  Is there any other way to write that without using the word force?

Starting with Facebook in 2011, my insurance I signed up for in 2012, Blue Cross and Blue Shield before my surgery.  I would investigate Blue Cross and Blue Shield records of employment, something about locations I see.  Perhaps that has to do with Watson Clinic being involved.  Personnel, I would investigate and question.

The receiving areas for deliveries of shipment, where they receive the trucks, is the biggest one.

I volunteered at SPCA of Lakeland.  What do they do with the bodies of the animals they euthanize?

I interviewed for a job at Macy’s July 2012 wearing a green dress.  There is no reason I should not have gotten a job from my interview.  That location in Brandon, the Macy’s in Lakeland I would look into.

I worked for Organizing For America, that means the offices of the Democratic National Convention in Florida, in Washington DC need to be investigated.

The Container Store in Tampa, Texas, San Francisco, the headquarters need to be investigated.

Home Depot, the location in Sun City Center.  The toilet closest to where I worked was set-up as the artist or paint toilet.  Home Depot’s headquarters need to be searched.

Walt Disney World, the location in Tampa, the Casting Center in Orlando needs to be investigated.

Amazon, I see lots of problems throughout the globe.  Shipments.  Packages.  Receiving.

“Casey” has the entire neighborhood around Martin Luther King Jr. school worked.  I am not interested in giving every detail for security of others.  I believe she has cash deposits in people’s yards in that neighborhood.  Holes she has dug for cash money.

That blond woman who tried to be David to get closer to me has been using her family connections.  Her intellectual manner does not match her extreme rage about David and me.

It means real-estate ventures the people who have been involved with since the beginning either jointly or individually need to be investigated, the locations need to be investigated.

These are the connections to be made with the bombs being sent, the attacks on celebrities, there are other similarities too, yet it would take me hours to work this up completely.

It’s massive, if it’s true.


Has anyone thought of having people like me in a more casual setting as consultants?  Wouldn’t that be a help.

I got somebody shaking, huh.

They haven’t seen anything yet.


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