Coffee and Breakfast: Gourmet

Disclaimer: Men Born Male Only, No Gays, No Skirt Wearing Fairies, No Transgender, No Tires, No Women Allowed!  No African-American men.  This is about properness and correctness.



October 27, 2018

Please be aware that after I wrote about ordering I see false work.  I am again, going back to who I was before.  That means the flavors I want.  I am not counting.  That means some people are not welcome, were never authorized and cannot play or be around me in any way.

They have placed me in a danger that will now be with me the rest of my life.

Be aware I am not in the military, never have been.  I do not have to follow their protocol.  That is a good thing for all.

This Coffee and Breakfast is simply a gourmet meal with wine.  I prefer red wine, usually.  The details are worlds away at the moment.

David, I need you to stop reading my blog.

David, I need you and your wife to stop reading my blog.

After what I watched that would have me believe that your wife really meant to cause real physical permanent damaging harm to me.  Physical harm that I would not be able to recover from.

It has happened to another person too.

In addition to the physical harm, she has been allowed to be my manager.  It is the dumbest thing any person could think of.  Obviously, I want nothing to do with a person who would cause such harm to another person.  Because of it a television channel is now affiliated with the participation, consent, and approval of harming me.

None of you have any idea the harm that was done inside my brain.

Obviously, I am not under any disillusionment of my employment.  If I could simply apply to another job and this faked reality would go away – it would have happened the first time I applied to get away from all of you, and from David.

It is not enough that my insides have been stolen from me, illegally.

It is not enough that I have a Bluetooth in my head, illegally.

It is not enough that I do not have a choice in this fake reality, illegal.

It is not enough that you have taken my family from me.

It is not enough you have taken, brain-cut my memories of my mother and family from me.

It is not enough that I live in isolation without men at all for so many years.

It is not enough, I do not get to do things like go outside, go to the beach, go to a movie when I want to, I am not able to do those things anymore because of this fake reality you have me in.

You want me to play pretend with your wife as my manager?!  Obviously, I disagree.

You and your wife are not allowed to read my blog anymore.  Do I actually have to write how I am in danger every day now because of you?  Because of what you have exposed me to?

Do you actually want me to thank you for signing off on my death?  A contract of death?  Really?!

It essentially amounts to murder.  Attempted murder.

At least you got ratings.

David, you and your wife – that is not me – need to go through marriage counseling.  I will not be helping you or counselling you.

I want the two of you to stop reading my work.

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