October 29, 2018

Obviously, Tim having you around is a huge threat to these women and these lesbians, or they wouldn’t pretend in discipling me when I’ve done nothing wrong and nothing to warrant their attention, time, management, or claim.

If I, Cherith Gjestland do not understand there is no purpose at all.

If I, Cherith Gjestland disagree based on my own moral fortitude there is no purpose at all.

Not a secret the President and President’s use body doubles.  To whom do they fool?

Not a secret that the White House has in the past and possibly currently employed persons with previous acting experience.  To whom do they fool?

Not me.

If you failed to acknowledge the huge threat it is to law and order in retaining these women over and over, flubbing on Yankees rum is not going to work anymore.  It never did to begin with.

What does it say to you that a secure man is a threat to a lesbian?  A woman?  It says a lot to me.

Know this, I will not be speaking to Chelsea anymore.  Regardless.

Changing the person behind the scenes is not going to work anymore.

I, Cherith Gjestland, and no other person is the one who alerted the proper persons about the threat in Tajikistan.  No one showed me, no one trained me, no one managed me, no one showed me through VR, I did it on my own, my own time, at my own rate, in my own writing and words.

The fact that you are such a threat to these women makes me want you around all the more.

There is no logical reason you should be considered a threat.

These women need to be in counselling.

This is going on seven years now; these women must be made to acknowledge the harm they have caused to me.  Because I would rather be dead.

Do you think my real father enjoys reading how his daughter would rather be dead than work for Amazon and continue this false reality?  Do you think my real father enjoys reading the danger his daughter is in everyday against her wishes and consent?

Has it really not occurred to anyone that someone with a vested interest in the production of this false reality has something to gain monetarily through the stock market and/ or other financial applications if Amazon loses my protection?  If they continue to have me write disparaging remarks about Amazon, so the stock falls?

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