Stop Reading My Blog People With Vested Interest

October 30, 2018

I did use the word, illiterate.  I said you would have to be illiterate to write me up as a negative as if I had done something wrong when while I was working, while, while I was working, I was also scouring, looking, seeing, and helping DC stay secured and helping folks in London as well.  I was eyes helping find bombs, and what it felt like was the Secretary of the White House who did not have all the information as to the events for very many reasons took it upon herself to stick her head in and what?  Give me a lesson?  What would I learn from that?  Don’t help locate bombs and bomb threats?  You would have to be illiterate.

There are several of them who all attend events in the same circle of social activities.  Who did not think through their actions.  You have enough evidence.

You would have to be illiterate.  That is the best way I can describe that and their actions of what appears to be insider information.

Somewhere out there is a gambling pool, a suicide pool against me.  How long before Cherith kills herself living this false reality?  I have felt it about since 2014.

I know there has been talk in the media as to a match between Batman and Superman.  There is at least one person out there if not several who have no problem whatsoever if I ended up a permanent vegetable.  If I had been or were to be permanently injured, wounded, and incapacitated that I could no longer communicate verbally or in my head, or function independently.  Christopher Reeves played Superman.  Must I write about his horse accident?  It is about exercise, New York, ballet, so be careful.  It is also about the World Trade Center.  Pre-9/11 World Trade Center.  It’s gross.  If you failed to understand they believed and wanted me to be Christopher Reeves in a wheelchair.

I have done nothing but write flattering attributes about someone’s wife.  She has not done the same to me.  I see she has no problem with making me unattractive, heavy, and worse, she has no problem with harm happening to me.  I do believe that she conspired in a matter of speaking with women behind the scenes who happen to be lesbians with talk of me being a lesbian because I loved a man.  Think about that for a moment.  I loved a man, so therefore I must be a lesbian?!  It’s beyond insecure.  It’s sick.

Because I was having pleasant conversations with a man about wanting a home, cooking, and feeding a man I must be a lesbian?!

Without any makeup on I was too pretty for her and several other females, so they had to make me heavy.  So, they could feel better.  It doesn’t work that way.

How many years has it been?

Obviously, I am fasting.

I am still woozy sick from two glasses of wine on October 27, 2018.

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