Not My Natural Hair Color

November 2, 2018

I wrote it the other way around because a Dem and Dems are friends and acquaintances with a Rep and Reps.  There is a hay problem.  He was supposed to win.

A tan and tanning have not been used as it is seen.

A tan, tanned face that is seen on me in recent years – peasant, a location(s).


There are connections to be made.

In a barn, the sexual assault on the child was most likely intentional.  What was the thinking on campus and campuses about what male children that have been sexually abused would become?  How were they used as adults?  It is more than just taking away the familial names and bloodline.

Go back and check my mother’s employment and employers from entry into the US (1965?) until probably 1975.

Go back and check my father’s teachers at UCLA.  Go back and check his service record at every place he was stationed.

My mother should have been able to receive a Canadian pension.  That father could not and did not help me with that.  He is regretting it now.

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