The Height Of Somebody

November 2, 2018

It is a location.  The height of somebody as they are standing.  Somewhere he would have been placed to see the person.  In a photo, during a ceremony, an event.  Could be a one-time visit.  Something that did not happen often.

Is there a time, place, event, or occurrence where their height would stay the same?

It is behind the person, the location, is behind the person.

There is more to it than the location once you’ve found it.

It was always his intention to deceive.

Most likely it is very, very personal.

He has been very ruthless.

Most likely it was a one-time event that happened a long time ago.  The controlled anger and rage he has from his eyes is psychotic.  The way I see him.  He is looking eye-level, not up, or down, eye-level at their shoulders.  This one, looks like plans.

He might have used this image, imaging more than once with different people.

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