Do I Look Like I Am Laughing?

November 3, 2018

Is there a reason why I was just hand-delivered a death threat?  Is there a reason David, you allowed your wife and others to deliver death threats to me, and threaten my life?

Do you think that threatening my life will send me to my computer to write a scathing rebuttal?  You are wrong.

If you want me to write something about a connection between two men, I don’t have anything for you.  The connection is not with me.  It is on the production side.

But, then again, I am just some dumb-hick that doesn’t know anything, right?

Obviously, I chose to not do a ridiculous teacher list of do this before that, go here before that.  It is more important to get there at the time.  But then I am too stupid and dumb to know any different.  Aren’t I.

Bags under the eyes could mean somebody spoke, bags – gab.  Oh yeah, right, I don’t know anything.  I am too stupid and simple, and so dumb I couldn’t possibly know these things on my own.

There is no such thing as Norwegian protection.  Stupid Cherith for thinking otherwise.

Stupid, stupid Cherith couldn’t possibly know that if you place threats and death threats on her it could and does send a message to people around the world and other women’s lives are in danger and threatened.  Dumb-dumb Cherith couldn’t know anything like that.  Stupid, stupid Cherith.

I am just so dumb, I better just do as I am told rather than tell you and write otherwise.

Stupid, stupid Cherith.

Dumb, dumb Gjestland.

World’s Most Hated Employee, me.

World’s Most Hated Woman, me.

World’s Most Hated Person, me.

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