November 7, 2018


India has a good shape.

Boys in Virginia should like this.

An overlay?

Have you thought of doing an overlay of countries?  India, South America, Africa, and or others.

India has a good shape up to about Punjab, Chandigarh.  It is a British connection.  Look to history in the 1800’s.  1860’ish to present day.  What is the significance?  It is important and personal to several and many people.

I see locations.

I see deposits?

It is not animals or animal related in story, text, or function.

It could be the shape of a person.

The lower portion of India looks like an artifact.

I see a circle; New Delhi is too far north, Jaipur to Jodhpur almost to Vadodara, Nagpur, Raipur, almost to Ranchi, Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra, Jaipur.

Are there longitude or latitude lines that intersect?

What else is going on in India?

Could it be there is a problem because they had an Indian female police officer from India in black face standing at the that bridge?

I am telling you it won’t be seen as the US, or cherries, or females, or pick, or a bridge, or anything that has been told before.  It will only be seen as a place of lesser, weakness, a position to attack.

You dumb fucks.

That crack-dealing whore did not think it through.


Had I been in the interrogation room with that serial killer, the murderer killing for the fastest place, I would have sat there.  Sat in my chair across from him.  I would have sat in my chair with him restrained unable to move his arms, covering his mouth so no bodily fluids could escape, and I would not have said a word.  I would have sat there, watching him, not saying a word, for hours.

I would have sat and sat, for hours.  Watching him.

What would you have done?

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