Intelligence Agencies

November 7, 2018


Yes, I am really struggling at the moment.  And, guess what?  I am still working.  On the drive to work yesterday, I was working through the history of events occurred.


Intelligence works.


One of the greatest threats to the US, to the world in the 80’s was the USSR.  Forget about my t-shirt for a moment.  The Cold War, on and on.  Almost single-handedly, intelligence with the cooperation of intelligence agencies from other countries helped in creating stability and resolve to a very big threat and problem.  I see this.  Helping to create stability within Russia itself, Russia and its government.


Then, in the 90’s a change occurred within the intelligence communities.  Corruption at the highest level in what appears to be for money reasons alone.  Money, payouts.  Heads of intelligence agencies conspiring against their own intelligence and agents.  What could possibly go wrong?  It is not as if terrorists could hi-jack planes, blow up buildings, and topple the World – WORLD – Trade Center to the ground?  Could it?!


I see them.  Heads of intelligence agencies conspiring to have intelligence reports dismissed, actions not taken, and worse.  Allowing intelligence men and women to be killed.

I pray you heard my car alarm to Washington DC and around the world.  I pray it sets off unthought of before alarms that will ring and sound with such tenacity that those with wavering resolve fumble, fall, are revealed, and removed from every place of power, importance, and influence.

The moment they placed one of the worst terrorists still alive in my head, and immediately, immediately shut every door in my head and brain, shut off every function on my mind to protect myself and others, I was managed, coached, and told by several people that I did not do that.

Have you had a terrorist in your head?  Have you had a terrorist forced into your head by means of Virtual Reality and in the process, exposed him, saving the world and countless others from such a threat?

I did.

Who benefits from budget cuts to intelligence communities?

I am upsetting people, aren’t I?  This little hourly-wage employee telling very important people what to do, how to fix problems, and yes, telling people it is in their best interest to listen to her before it is too late.  Good.  It is about time people moved from my hair to my words.

Yes, I was careful not to allow harm to happen to two men.  Are you able to figure out the two?

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