Not Doing Well at The Moment

November 9, 2018


Someone is looking for my protection.  I will not be giving it.

I had a most wonderful mother who loved all of God’s children of every age, color, nationality, and culture.  She is not replaceable.  She is not disposable.  She is not trash.  She was a wonderful woman and mother.

It is reprehensible.

I took a picture and posted it on Social Media sites of me visiting my mother in January 2014 with her in a wheelchair and me feeding her cake.  “Casey” posted a reply about how pretty and green my eyes looked.  I do not have green eyes.

Did someone just get released on bond?  Is that why I feel this way? 18:17.  I better be able to have restraining orders against them.  Given this address.  Because they want to plan something.  In retaliation for being arrested.  If they haven’t already planned it.

This is truly gross how this photograph was used in the movie, Ready, Player One.

Has this actually occurred?  Have they not only taken the recordings of my live voice used them as duets, have they also taken my voice and used it as a front for another recording artist or artists?

It just gets worse and worse.

In what world is this acceptable?  Using me as an hourly wage employee while hundreds if not thousands of companies are making millions from me and my work?

This is not about a television show.  This is about being able to take away a person’s free will.

This is not about black and white.  It would seem black and white is about equality when it is in fact the opposite.  It is about attacking the US government and the address of the White House.  I see their thinking.

How is the economy really?  Better or worse since 2010?

I hope everyone regrets getting involved with this project and shuts it down gives me back my life without television cameras.

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