November 11, 2018


You are finding out that everything I have said has been true and correct.

Drake, in a stand-up talked about using judgement with items.  Items like computer keyboards, etc. you might not want to SIOC.  He talked about placing them in an Amazon box so that a neighbor would not be able to know what was being delivered because he had neighbor who might want to steal such items from a front porch.

Be careful, that is his daughter in that sentence, also in the present that is about my cat’s, my mother, and Murphy specifically.  Also, it just proves, yet again, I was correct about the messaging that has been going on.

I have not worn my Levi’s because the last time I wore them “Casey” used Chris to tell me about not having an issue.  This was before she was asked to sign out because of her drug use.  I cannot have her about.  She does not and has not understood the serious problems she has created, been involved with, and abused.

Amazon is the worst at the moment.  Amazon has quickly changed my opinion.

They are monitoring, scanning the police radios and so on.  Just from me.  Just because I wore Norway.  They are monitoring how I have such an effect.  They tried to downplay how very destructive my person is against crime lords and war lords.

Be careful here, it is about a lower-case g.  There is a person about who has used God with a lower-case g.  They want it to be dog, and lower-case g, however, I do not see it that way.

They monitor the effect I have that does such incredible damage to criminals.

What do I get in return?  Ill-tempered managers, unappreciated work, no recognition, not valued for every bit of work I do on and off the clock.

Amazon is the worst.

I want another job.

I want to get away from Amazon and never return.

Amazon is the worst.

I could write more about a specific man I’ve seen in weather and how he interacts with Cumberland Clerk, and a location I’ve seen, who would want to?

A dignitary visit to England in the 60’s, probably Windsor Castle from a smaller country, not a super-power that set off work and alarms.

Honestly, why do I bother writing or talking in my head anymore.

None of you understand.

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