Height Advantage

November 12, 2018


Well, I am emotionally spent and worn out.  I could sit here and write for hours and hours.  Mostly I am too tired and worn out to move.  Some people need to know that information.  Truthfully, I do not want to share that information.  However.


Did you know we have a height advantage over them?  I did.  I know.


There is a connection to be made in reference to the time I clocked out for work on November 4, 2018 and the rain I saw, and the laundry detergent I purchased.  Something was ordered by a criminal because of it.  It has to do with the director in charge of the hours between midnight and three am.  Work it.

Some people, the worst of them care nothing for these silly lesbian rules.  You might as well be handing them money and funding their criminal activities.  In fact, oftentimes, you have.  Think about that.

Were there multiple threats against women yesterday, and did in fact at least one woman died because of it?

This is what happens when intelligence is ignored, not supported, and threatened.

In the weather I saw a man, the man that created the messaging system.  He would be a Chinese scientist that has been missing for many decades, most likely a faked death.  He has created a drug mixture to keep himself functioning and devoid of emotions, probably to keep himself from going insane.

The beheading, the one I’ve written about because I’ve seen more than one, was most likely the daughter of a Chinese diplomat, dignitary, prominent family, or a name that was known in Chinese government.  It was recent.  She was not drugged.  She did not cry.  She was not emotional.  It had nothing to do with the man she was seeing.  It was done because of her family.  It was done because of her family name.

Be careful here.  I told you.  I warned you.  They have been less than smart here.

There will be multiple threats on multiple daughters and father’s tonight and in the future because of it.


It is not I than am doing it, it is I that am preventing it FROM HAPPENING!

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