November 12, 2018


Nah, I see through it.  I see through the disguise.

They did it, so I would sit here and lecture you on everything that was wrong, call out government workers and name the countries.

I will not do that to you.

I see them in the work.  I see them in their work.  They are not terribly smart.

It is a quality of life that exists there that does not exist in other countries.


I most truthfully do not have to grant requests.


I, Cherith Gjestland, am better at it than them.  Obviously, what I said in anger has to do with the lack of support I have, receive, and am given by my employer, Amazon.

There has not been sufficient, and enough pressure placed on Amazon to help and support me.

I am not willing to invoke the wrath of people by telling or writing more.

I see through it.

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