November 12, 2018

November 12, 2018


About that double-agent in Gresham.  My neighbor who had a black dog was being watched by the double-agent.  My neighbor most likely had the dog as an assignment because they never played with the dog or took the dog for walks, his name was Pinto.  He grew from a friendly dog into an agitated dog because of their lack in attention.

That double-agent needs to be brought down.  They have been too successful.


It was the double-agent most likely who had me contract PID while on a cruise to the Bahamas.  It had been nearly a year since Michael.  I had nothing, then immediately had symptoms.  Dr. Robertson in Lakeland is who treated me.  I believe it was their intention to sterilize me.

With the surgery they did achieve complete sterilization.

You’re gonna want to look at consultants to Hollywood.

It does relate to Out of Africa.  You are going to want to look for Danish still-born’s.  Born in hospitals.  There is a connection.  More contemporary than historical.

You are going to want to look at administrations in hospitals, not just in Plant City and Lakeland, throughout the country.  Who are abusing their physician’s privilege and not upholding their Hippocratic oath.  They are making money from death and killing patients.

Who had access to my Tivo, the camera that watched me from my Tivo because I see a lesbian, maybe multiple who had access to watching me who were getting off quite literally from watching me.

There is still a murderer out there.

It really is that disturbingly gross, every time a person appeared in black paint validated their decision to execute and murder my mother.  My mother still had most of her functions.  She could still communicate, eat, have conversations.  She was not a vegetable.

It was their intention to completely turn me away from acting and the performing arts and punish me for not continuing to care for my mother, so they could continue to get off watching me.

Is it possible to put an inhalant drug or chemical in the nostrils and the drug travels to the brain causing permanent damage?  It is what I saw in a new-born.  That is a killer nurse in a neo-natal unit.

Jamie from the Container Store talked about nasal spray.

There is a correlation between this house and my mother’s nursing home.  Between the people watching me and my mother.  I see it in the way she was placed in front of me.  How every piece of clothing I bought for her, wrote her name in the clothing, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. were never there when I went back.  Her television that I bought for her at the same Target store they finally told me she’d passed was a Phillips.

I did not wear make-up to work on purpose.  How many hours did it take for them to finally manage all of the problems that arose from seeing me without make-up?

Veterinarians, or persons with access to non-human grade pharmaceuticals.  It is likely my animals, my cats were intentionally poisoned, harmed, and subjects of abuse because they were cats because we were non-Plant City persons.  Trash used to be strewn the entire length of Timberlane every week.  It is possible Jerry was purposefully infected with Feline HIV, that Mouse being hit was not an accident Sundae, Bear on and on.  Breaking and entering.  Malicious intent.  Kuhlmeier’s (sp) should be questioned.  Horse tranquillizers.

I do not receive enough help or credit at work.  I receive only hinderances.

Every night I receive nothing but wet underwear all night.

I want another job.

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