Wet Underwear

November 13, 2018


Wet Underwear!

Fire every director responsible for allowing me to endure wet underwear on the night of November 11, 2018.  The night they brought the woman responsible for ending my mother’s life into the “police area” of my person to be identified.  After they had interrogated me.  Interrogated me?!  Interrogated me!

Wet underwear!  FIRE CHELSEA!  FIRE CHRIS!

Your sensitivity of overwhelming.  Your compassion, understanding, and sympathy is overwhelming.

It is not enough I am dealing with the loss of my mother and that is was, a woman, a black woman, and yes, be careful, it was intentional that she was placed on that side it is why I am purposefully not mentioning names and distancing myself for people involved, I am also managing to give intelligence on many different locations around the world, I am constantly given this shoving information into Cherith’s head and face, shove information, shove information, work, work, work, work, work harder than anyone, work, work, work until you collapse every day.  Work until you are not able to function anymore.

Be careful, it is purposeful.  They did fire Rachel from The Container Store for being late to truck.

I’ve had to turn off my phone for security reasons.

I am so miserable, I want another job.

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