Christmas Tree

November 14, 2018

Not timed.


Put this Christmas tree together.

A real Blue Spruce nine feet tall with diameter proportionate to support the height of the tree.

Make a garland of smarties candies, garland the tree from bottom to top.

Make candles from mandarin oranges, take real mandarin oranges place a white ivory candle in each, candles with smooth sides, bigger with more width than a birthday candle, so there is several inches of candle displayed above the mandarin orange, place them on a gold plate about the size of a saucer and gold plate back so the candlelight is in the gold, place them on the branches of the tree so they do not wilt, lean, or flop and light them all.

Cut real holly branches with berries on each branch, the florist term is a pick, and place them aesthetically proportionate over the tree.

White led Christmas tree lights on every branch and limb of the tree, placed so no wires are visible, turned on and never off.

Old-fashioned tinsel made from aluminum, not new, tinsel that is no longer made anymore, tinsel preserved Christmas after Christmas.  Place generous proportions on the ends of every visible branch.

Place on a floor of moderately honeyed golden oak flooring about three to four inches in width, polyurethaned.   A velvet tree skirt of the richest, darkest dark green with the finest stitching from the finest tailors in the world with a gold detail at the hem.

Place the tree in a corner against a wall and a corner in a room two-story tall with paned windows almost two-story tall leaving about a foot or so of wall at the bottom, white painted molding about four inches in width surrounding the windows.

Place a star of David with many white led lights on top.

Make and create this tree, see what happens.

See what will happen.

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