Cambridge University

November 14, 2018


This is where under normal circumstances, I would travel to Cambridge and Cambridge University to get a better understanding.  I am now and have been operating at such a level I would not have to submit or request permission to travel or get money allocations.  I am operating at such a level I would just go there, then fill the appropriate persons in when I had all the information.

I need to look at the buildings, at the architecture, and the surroundings, at the walkways, at the nature and wildlife, I would have to look around at everything.  There is a lot there.

Can you see through another person’s eyes and mind?  Do you have the ability to see the way actually, literally see from their eyes the way another person will see, understand, and view objects, people, situations, circumstances, words, stories, colors, materials, and information?  No?!  Well, I can, I know without having to explain or rationalize, I just know.


FIRE CHELSEA, FIRE CHRIS!  New Zealand does not require gas or coal to generate electricity!


Be aware of this; from now on that shirt and that side of my garage alone will be seen as intelligence.  They do not care about the letters, words, or message on the shirt, they will see the color only as intelligence.

I need to be running during daylight hours.  It must be daylight, I saw it in my head I did not write that detail, however, it must be daylight when I run.  It must be in workout clothing.  With my schedule of nights, I do not know how that is possible anymore.  I am being careful to not write more details.

Be aware of this; it is not being seen as a state, it is not being seen as a color, it is not being seen as a person, it is not being seen as the sanitation department, it is being seen as an end.

It is the very reason I have been driving on the side that says, right lane ends.  This needs to stop and end, electric pressure washing.

I need this removed at once, POT pressure, and POT heaviness, it has no place, it is uncalled for, it is a negative mark on our government.


If you would just allow me to be me, I have more ability than has been achieved, that has been seen, and that can and could be done.  If you would just allow me to be me.  By the way, I have said and written that since this all started.

It does not matter if every moment I am not yelling or throwing my arms in the air or any such thing.

If you would just allow me to be me rather than turning it into a contest to be won.  For instance, the bird feeders I would like to purchase.  They have put plans in place if I buy this feeder or this object than this person wins this or that, has access to this or that, gets to direct this or that when the way I see it, the way I know it will work instead is because I ACTUALLY SEE, KNOW, AND UNDERSTAND HOW THE BIRDS WILL LIKE MORE, WANT TO EAT THERE, WILL FEEL BETTER BECAUSE OF THE WAY IT LOOKS!  Can you do that?  Do you, any of you know how the birds think?!  I do. 

I need you and them to stop creating contests to be won.


This is how I feel; I have people taking pieces of my brain using it here, over there, and there, in this place, on and on.  It is too much.  I need my manual work to be reduced in half and paid more.


There is a moral problem on a base, Afghanistan.  That is not that difficult to correct.  However, this is another problem.  I can hardly believe this is possible, is there a drug supply business out of our military base?  Shipping and supplying to the US?  Is that actually happening?!  Because to me, that is unacceptable if it is true.


Penis Envy: There are lesbians about with very bad penis envy causing very serious and often times irreversible damage.  It is seriously disturbed thinking.  They like, are sexually attracted to men, their penis, how their penis makes them feel, and their body.  They just do not like them to talk, at all.  They don’t want to hear their opinions, their views, their thinking, or anything that comes out of their mouth.

This, by the way, is not my problem, I love the penis, I like penises, I like attached penises, I like men who were born male, just like I love men, I want to know how they think, their opinions, their strategy.

This might have been the reason for setting me up with an abusive man.  To turn me.  Dumb idea if it was.  It doesn’t work that way.

However, these lesbians have done real destructive damage.  Penis envy.

Penis envy of David.  She is so attracted to David still, however, she does not like him to talk or think.

Penis envy of the bankruptcy judge.  How did Rachel’s hair loss actually happen?  Was it or was it not intentional?  I told Rachel to get medical help for it, she refused.

Penis envy of Carmel.  It is why she attacked my hair.  Because of the color.  I see two men, one in Asia, the other in the US.  I have not been able to think through this one enough.  I believe it was the US man, he might look Asian, that did the B&E, and poisoned.  It is all I have I the moment.  I have not been able to work more on it.


It is a frontal attack, not a Rear Admiral.  A frontal attack to emasculate the US government at its highest level.  It is in no way in support of the US government.  Those women, that happen to be lesbians cut and designed my clothing to emasculate the government at its highest level.  Intentionally.


How did that work with smashing on the trash can specifically?  I believe my action there alone will continue to work for some time.

How is the import export business?  Did you find the storage of goods and merchandise under the water?  Where the water breaks differently.

Wet underwear, of course I want another job because of it.  There is a connection between when these new gates were installed, my phone, phone purchase, and get this, a carrier, a virus carrier, as a WMD.  Work it.  Question that man I had no choice other than to date because he is behind it.  He does have a juvie record.  He told you he was a magician when in fact he has had a career at breaking and entering, pick-pocketing, and more.

There is a connection between the black pressure, the black pot-belly and the Danish still-borns.  It also has to do with being a Jew-hater by sending me to a shower to wash off the gas.  Arrest this person and these people.  The US government and its house are not and do not condone Jew-haters.  It is not the leadership.


I would put people together to work my Blockbuster video rental and purchases, movies, film and television watched from this house, and create the connections.  It has been worked on by others for several years.  The garbage attack at his home alone should be a reason to put this together.  I see that as soon as I press play on watching Saving Mr. Banks there is an attack that is going to happen.  She was seen by me in black face on the wrong side.  I would put people together to prevent more of these costly, pointless, and all too often, irreversible damage.

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