EJ Henry

November 14, 2018


EJ Henry – Facebook track her account, her employment record at Hilton.  She bought tires for a man to get him to like her.  She also bragged about having sex with her ex at a football game.  She was also there the day The Container Store opened.  We were at The Blue Martini all kinds of good-looking men were hitting on Ellen.  Hitting on Ellen and not me.  What?!  The only man to approach me was a black man, I was not interested.  I do not have to explain that further.


By the way, the messaging system is not universal.  It is different for different countries.  It is very, very complex.  It could have people to work and prevent these attacks.  There is also a drug link, stamps, dots, finger-tip sized and less, very small measures that are hardly as cumbersome as drug paraphernalia.

His sister, I do not want to tell you this, is involved.


I did see a nurse, snuff the life of a newborn, a delivery nurse, something in the nose.  It is so very gruesome.  To me she was so calculated and vicious along with everything else I am living through it was difficult to look further, European country.

I saw needles, small, quickly hidden and used to pierce brains, behind ears, body parts to create damage that could happen while they are cleaning up the baby.  I saw many things, ways to make hits, ways to create people from birth, it was a lot to see.  I am still trying to function.

I don’t know if this is real, fathering children to experiment on the babies and children.  Like a human factory.

I don’t know how someone could do that.  I don’t know how someone could kill a newborn.  I don’t know how someone could kill my mother.

I saw the nurse who worked with people here and in production, move and place my mother in her nursing home that was paid for by Medicare, allow access to my mother and more.  She did it knowing it was against regulations, policy, and properness.  She and others do not understand that I see there is someone about who sees black persons as children.  It’s gross.

The wet underwear was done on purpose, so that I would not identify my mother’s killer.


There is a woman, who happens to be a lesbian here who is responsible for creating a story of my brother and a wart on my finger.  It is obvious that there is no problem with my brother and myself.  They did it out of their own sexual abuse therapy problems.

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