November 15, 2018


Create this image.

White female thirties to early forties, eleven feet tall.  Not my body.

Dressed like a Roman solider, no helmet.

My hair, not the exact color.  Flaxen, wheat-colored, air-dried, not smoothed or blown-dry, natural curl, not curly, loose ringlets, natural texture, it is long hair, the length of the back.

My eyes although to appear like a granite marble sculpture, concave to create the depth, not curled eyelashes, tinted eyelashes in an olden form before the cosmetic industry with a stiff brush and cake powder.

No visible face make-up, yet finished features, strong defined cheekbones, neat eyebrows, natural in shape, not over-plucked.

Lips, slightly reddish, pink, peach when a woman purses her lips together tightly and the blood colors the lips, lip balm.

Bare arms defined muscles not bulky or mass, metal breast plate, bronzed in color. Skirt like a Roman solider to mid-thigh.

Legs not like tree-trunks.  Lean, defined muscles.


This is not quite what I was thinking about when I thought of a way to stop the capturing of soldiers for money.  Yet, see what happens if this image is shown around.

Is there talk about with respect to problems with fatigue uniforms?  Too bulky?  Too heavy?  Just a question.  I see/hear things that the uniforms should be more form fitting.  For many reasons.

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