Kentucky Straight Bourbon

November 15, 2018


This is about the Kentucky Hate Crimes against the United States government and its peoples.

I need people to go back and look around the location where the Beer and Bourbon fest took place in Tampa in 2014.  I need people physically on the ground looking around for things, items, people, a presence needs to be there.

I took photographs on my phone of myself, Roy, and my brother on a bench by the water.  I would look there.

I was there with Rachel, my brother, and Roy.

David walked by, I spotted him and didn’t call him by name.  They have no idea what they are doing there.  He crossed a street at a crosswalk in front of me.

They gave me a very heavy dose of a sedative at that location, it was on grass, that knocked me out nearly a whole day.  I wrote about it.  How I awoke in different clothes than I had been in.  Something is, there a connection or link between that event, David, drugging me, and the Kentucky case.  I believe it is a woman.  I believe it is a lesbian.

Straight.  Straight Bourbon.  This set somebody off.  It could very likely be similar to what happened before at Eleven o’clock Amazon time, and 23:00 hours.

It could be a bomb.

I would go rather quickly, Please.


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