Brain Research

November 15, 2018

I believe there was brain researchers working near enough to me in Oregon, I believe there was brain work and studies being done with many different applications within many different organizations, companies, and our government.

Something actors are good at.  This is not code or secret.  I am tired.  It is similar to what actors do and how actors use their brain.

Unfortunately, for me my appreciation for film and the performing arts has been so badly damaged.  I lost my mother.  I do not understand why any person would want to kill my mother.  It is so repulsive.

I simply cannot write anymore about this.  I cannot continue to work with being shoved a list of stories and people for twelve hours, then go home and do what every person does to keep going, then write and work-out the list from twelve hours of work.  It is the same as being asked to see, locate, find stories, then hold on to them, file them away in my brain, one after another, after another, after another until I am at the point of collapse EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Enough already!

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