People Must Be Held Accountable

November 15, 2018


I need this explained to me.  I need someone to tell me why this was allowed to happen.  I want people held responsible and accountable for this.  I want people held responsible and accountable for this alone.

I need to know because I cannot understand this at all.  Why are there people working within management, within Amazon, and within production, working against me.  Working against me!  Working to destroy and corrupt me, my work, and my abilities!  Working so that I will fail rather than being the persons and people that might bring about the greater good!

I need to know why I was forced to miss that meeting?!

I have within me the ability, do you?  I know I can do the work.  I know I am more than able, more than capable, more than enough.  I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I am able to do, to create; the work I know no other person around is able to have the same effect, I do like no other.

So, I need to know why it is still allowed to happen regardless of what I do and change, electric pressure washing, POT pressure, wet underwear, electro-shock while at work or anywhere, hitting me while at work, and making me limp from too much standing.

It has been more than proven that it is time for the teacher training rules, electric pressure washing, POT pressure, and wet underwear to end!


I need this to end.  This Jillian Michaels beef training.  You are basically handing a War Lord money to continue criminal ways and killing people by allowing this beef practice to continue.

I know what will work on Cumberland Clerk.  Apparently, no one else at Amazon or around me seems to understand this fact alone.  It is petite.  Not beef that will work.

I am so upset about this I had to stop writing.  This is a threat unlike the world has ever seen before and while I am managing to thwart efforts made in that direction, I am dealt with wet underwear and interrogations, so that I will be so upset I will go home early so they can let a murderer go unidentified because she happens to be black.  The moral compass on this alone, on this act alone is beyond revolting.  Somebody needs to be held accountable.

Navy, the color navy is seen as protection, as Norway, as Norwegian protection.

There is too much value placed on things that have no relevance, are completely inconsequential.  Placing value and stories and news stories on t-shirts and clothing, and hair styles, quite literally is handing money to a War Lord and criminals to further their terror, violence, killings, murder, rapes, and criminal activities.

I have the ability to stop someone who likes very much to kill people.  You don’t want that?  You don’t want me to do that?  Oh, ok.  Then, I want another job.  There are people in the building who are literally handing money over to War Lords and criminals to continue their enterprises by working against me.

There is too much attention being paid with words and wording on clothing.  It is not and will not be seen in such a way.  By playing into this storyline and thinking, you are handing money over to a War Lord.

Wet underwear.  It is reprehensible.  Wet underwear and interrogating me.  It is reprehensible.  It was only done to force me to not identify my mother’s murderer and killer because she happens to be black.  It is reprehensible.


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