November 18, 2018


What’s my name?!

Boom!  Norway!  Norwegians!  Boom!

What a really good start!  Wow!  How did they do that?!  I want to know how they got that!  Boom!  Yeah!

I want to tell you what really great minds we have in this country!  What really great minds we have employed here!

I would also, cover all bets, Rear Admiral.


Yet, here I am sitting on my kitchen floor in grief with you China.

The loss of my mother.  The loss of years caring for my mother – for nothing else than discrimination against our British background, my heritage, my countries, my people, I am crying on the inside.  It is so extreme.  So bad.  I cannot cry.

Abuse of power because these are daughters of local law enforcements against me and my family because we were not from Plant City and nothing more.

I am sitting on my kitchen floor, drinking, listening to Gospel, forgetting that there are people in the world who want nothing more.  Who want nothing more.


I will forever be connected to the Jewish people!

I will forever be a Francophile!

I will forever be an Anglophile!


I miss my Thursday something terrible.  I see how they persecuted me through my vet and other ways because of their names Tuesday and Thursday.  There is nothing wrong with their names.  How, once moved here they tried to separate Thursday from me just because he was born male.  I am so aggrieved.

How my mother loved people and accepted them as they were, and into our home and how my mother loved people.


I received such news that would seem great and a justice and it is except it cut me to my core.  I asked for time off, and gave enough time, yet I was denied.  I had to leave work early.  The pain is so great.  My grief so great, I could not continue anymore.  I cannot at such a speed.

I am so aggrieved.


SIGN OUT!  Yes, I was asked by Chris to stop wearing my t-shirt disagreeing with the women at Amazon.



Yes, I have been concerned and worried about Australia because of an actor who appeared in person at work because of his whitest film because it was one of the worst moments in my life THAT THEY FILMED!

Does any person live to be raped in front of an audience?  Because that is what it felt like.

Your sympathy and compassion are overwhelming.

Something has been spent within me.

No longer am I able to keep going faster and faster so I feel nothing.


I want another job.

It Is not my fault that Amazon hasn’t figured out that Norway is where it is at.

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