November 18, 2018

November 18, 2018


Vas-I group: There is a person that is location oriented.  10 Things I Hate About You, there is something in the location shooting of the movie, the location itself, something that wasn’t supposed to be in the movie, something along those lines.  It is in the background.  Something that means nothing to everyone except for one person.  It will be very difficult to find.  There could also be a connection in Australia where he actually lived, the city or town he lived and not just the city on his bio.  I don’t like to tell you this or write this, there is, that is the connection to his death and its location.  The location of his death.


There is something else that has been bothering me.  There is something in the photograph of myself and my brother in our living room in Gresham after I received the Best Supporting Actress award at Dexter McCarthy Middle School.  It has nothing to do with any recently written stories of mine.  It is something someone saw a few years ago, or at the time it happened.  It could be in the bookshelves, an item in the bookcases, however, I believe it is something on my person.  I was wearing nylons.  Knee-highs.  That is not something a person is able to know from the photograph.  I dressed myself, I was years and years ahead of my time, my surroundings, my neighborhood, and my circumstances.  I believe this, and I see this in someone else’s mind as well.  Whatever it is it means nothing to me.  Yet, I believe there are others who will be able to understand the connection.  The colors, the color of my watch, or just my whole look at such a young age.  Someone with credentials should look at these photographs, I am on to something.


It is going to be difficult to manage having a shopping program if I have no money to spend.


What happened in production?  Because the conversations that created the problems, death threats against me, and the contract killings to kill me happened within the building.  There are at least two problems.  One I told you about.  Where?  I asked where he was.  I told you.  The other, the other problem was in me helping DC eliminate threats to citizens.

The reason I refused an item on the visit was my instinct.  The reason I cancelled appointments was instinct.  I was correct, there were designs to injure my eyes, create a car crash in an attempt to at the very least harm me with the desirable effect of killing me.  I also, saw snipers.

Meanwhile, you have placed with the help of my area manager my employment in the balance just to hear me speak.  I do more than anyone else in that building.

Do you honestly not know what message that sends to people?  Because I do, I know what message that sends.  With the help of my PA, and Area Manager you have sent messages that the work I do and am doing on my own is of such a threat to criminals and War Lords, and so very valuable that you are allowing my Area Manager to threaten the security and safety of our government and its people along with governments around the world and their citizens.

I am not willing to stand for that or allow that.  Are you?  Would you agree with that?


This is what it feels like, push, push, push, Cherith, keep working, keep working, keep working, stop feeling, stop feeling, keep working, push, push, push, push, push.  It is hardly unreasonable after receiving such terrible news to take some time for myself.  It is very selfish of others to not allow me time to grieve in private.  No one else in the entire world lives a life like mine.

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