Norwegian Pewter Plate Platter

November 22, 2018


This has always bothered me.  This instance bothered my mother.  My mother was hurt by this.

My mother made cookies and shared them with our neighbors, Rob and Sherry.  Rob was the main neighbor used to gather and get information on my family.  They would talk to my family as they walked to other neighbor’s houses probably where they would watch us from the hidden cameras planted in our house.

My mother had a plate/platter made from pewter from Norway with Norwegian wording engraved on it.  It was an antique.  My mother put the cookies on the plate and gave them to our neighbors.  It is not the first time we shared with neighbors them to us, us to them.  It is a known practice of behavior you give the dish back.  Whatever dish or plastic container, Tupperware, you give it back once the food has been consumed or eaten.

They kept the platter.

My mother asked for it back and they did not and would not.

I do not understand why they did this.

My mother was hurt and upset by it.

For me, it was a warning and a caution against them.

I am not certain what went on and is going on in the minds of those neighbors.

It is being shown and known they were in the wrong.

I do not understand where this Norway problem is.  It is as if to say the Gjestland’s were not white enough because it was not American enough of a last name.

This thinking is so disturbing and wrong.  I am not willing to write anymore about it.

I want to know why they kept the plate.  I want to know why they wanted to hurt my mother by not returning the plate to her.

I want to know why they spied on my family.

I want to know why my family was the subject of my neighbor’s and neighborhoods intolerance.

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