November 21, 2018


Waiting for me to purchase items as a way of making changes or corrections within the program is being seen and will continue to be seen as weakness.  Weakness is the best way I can write that because that is how they think.  People of these minds will see it as weakness.  I can tell you they are not waiting in that way.

There are middle-men (the best way I can say that) that are waiting on this, however the ones I want to get are not waiting or using the purchase program.


It should be known because I do believe there is agreement about my ability.  That meet alone.  White spiraled, kinky-haired, shoulder-length, white wooden mask with an elongated chin, the entire surface covered in something that looks like inches think of white powder wetted.  If he uses the name Ghost, he is bragging.  That meet alone and his reaction to me alone, tells me more than I am able to write here.  It tells me a lot.  There should be a conversation with the boys in Virginia on this alone.


People who know, know that placing or projecting such as teacher training or using people as objects to make purchase do not read the same.  Read is the best way I know people will understand, however it is more than just reading.  If it does not originate from me by me as I see it and feel about it then it does not read the same or have the same effect.  It does not have the same effect on bad people.

My hair was better longer by both parties.

The gas is not seen as a black accord.  I had to change the number to show people that.  The way they see me I do not have to buy gas at any number pump or any gas station.  They know I know how to read.  They do not care what number I use.

Sports, by the way, it is and has been used incorrectly.  I would write more about it, however there is a warning I feel, so I will not.  It is not seen by them as women or breasts or the way it has been used.

He is seen as being manlier away from me.

I need this storyline to end.  Leaders are elected officials.  I am art work not the leader.

I could go on and on in writing how to the people who will react because of something I do, will not see it the way it has been directed.

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