They Want to Fire Me

November 22, 2018


Since Chelsea was brought on-board, I have felt it has been her purpose to get me fired.

The Chris and Chelsea combination has had such an effect on me, my brain and my thinking it has diminished me, weakened me, slowed me and my brain down exponentially.

I have no idea what is going on in production, the combination is like near death for me.  It feels like a slow-kill, slowly trying to kill me from within, brain-killing me.

They will have to fire me.

I cannot quit.  I will not quit.

There is someone in production wanting me to quit.

Amazon will have to fire me.

If I cannot get a job somewhere else, and I have no other way of getting employment elsewhere what other option do I have other to kill myself.  This is being played out while I am at work and working.

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