Car Wash

November 23, 2018


I washed my car, not for myself, but for others.

I threw down soap and soap packets on my driveway, sidewalks, and street, not for myself, but for so many countless others.  And, I put water there.

This Is How I Fight My Battles, I listened to for so many others, I listened to out of great respect, esteem, support, and acknowledgement of our military and militaries around the world working with the US government.  For everyday people who will not cower.  Who fight.  And, the many ways that takes place.  Not every fight is a confrontation.  There are other connections I do not need to make.

I did wear my glasses for a very specific reason.

I did wear my clothes for a specific reason.

I did not have to wash my car, or driveway, or sidewalks, or street in the cold.  I did it for others.

For others to see what happens.

I did not do it for myself.

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