Subversive II

November 23, 2018

She has been very good at manipulating women.  She is very successful at manipulating women.  It tells me something very perverse, and unfortunate.  It is near pathological.

The Challah bread alone was for the black thong sandals that the mother/daughter combination team at Amazon and Instacart brought to my door.  The mother wore her glasses in her black hair.  The black hair tells me a lot.  She had a bag of groceries that I did not order that included a loaf of white generic bread.  The mother is overweight with oversized thighs, she wore gray knit pants meant to look and mimic the slacks I own.

She chose this mother and daughter team for a reason.  The color and coarseness of the mother’s hair says more than I am willing to write.  The overweight shape of the mother’s body.  What is the mother’s real job?  The seemingly innocent appearance of the daughter, she used to be very deceptive.

I cannot underscore how bad this connection is.  It is wide and varied in appearance.  It would take me several hours if not days to explain all the country problems being used, created, there is so much manipulation and people being manipulated.  I have to shut that down!  I mean in my head, I must shut off looking for all the connections.  Someone else and several other people need to work on that.

She is also responsible for hidden cameras in my home.

She could be responsible for the camera in my Tivo that watched while I took care of my mother.  I worked as an extra in a Tivo commercial.

She needs to be shut down!  Forever shut down!  She needs to never again have access or means again!  She needs to spend the rest of her life in jail!

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