December 14, 2018: My Day Off



December 14, 2018

It is my day off.

I already know.  I have the answers.  I see it.  I have more than what I’ve read about.

Did you want me to write it here?  Look to my windows.

How’s business?  See my windows.

Feedback?  See my windows.

Did you want a report?  An answer to findings?  It is on display in glass at my address.

No man or woman has any right to my body or has my permission or authority to place a claim on me at all.  Look to my windows.

More importantly, of the utmost importance, I am the one.  There is no other.  Helga.  Helga was my work, my profile, I did by myself.  What a wonderful surprise, I did not know it was going to be there when I arrived at the board.  I know when I know.

It was a very good reaction I had to the information.  So good it has taken me until two days ago to realize the reason for the immediate dismal of my very good reaction.  Some person allowed a woman into the audience, she has no authorization, allowing her to view my reaction and watch.  My whole being changed because of her mind.  Because she along with others have been stealing from me.  Taking credit for work I have done and been doing for them for – decades.

100% belongs to me.

Make sure you realize I am not in any way dismissive of the work done by others from my writing, my work.

Confidence.  Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Knowing what I know because I know it.  All that you have gotten regarding Osama Bin Laden, who you believed was the real woman behind the capture of Osama Bin Laden, was not and is not to whom you have given the credit.

I am the one.  I am the woman.  There is no other.  I am not able to be duplicated, replicated, or copied in any way or manner.

If what I saw and understood China is to be truthful information, it is most remarkable.  Most remarkable, indeed.  Be certain, the way I see the information, China is not to be blamed, it is in fact – see my windows – the American woman.

I am not the American woman to be blamed.  See the color of my skin.  I am not to be blamed.

Murderous cunt.  She is trying to use me by placing my employment in peril creating instability where and when my moral compass is unwilling and not possible to give.  Not at all.  Not for a moment.  None.

Look to my windows.

See my windows.

Until then, it is my day off.  I might, in fact, take several days off.

I am not scripted.  I am real.

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