December 15, 2018: My Norwegian Blue Eyes



December 15, 2018


My eyes used to be the color Norwegian blue.  Norwegian blue is not a pale blue.  A color that could be seen from across a room until after that terrible little man when someone decided everything I knew needed to change.

David and Cherith if that possibility had been allowed to happen in its time, we would have been a couple like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton without the alcoholism, pill popping, drug abuse, and philandering.  We were that powerful together.  It was something to see.

Somehow, somewhere, someone decided that I was – this is the word I see they’ve used – the dominant one, and they believed Stuart was the better male for me.  They were wrong.  Their own sexual agenda got in the way.

Get those gypsy’s out of that house – 4203.  They do not belong there.  They have stolen a dead man’s identity.  Most likely a police officer’s identity.  There is somewhere something in that house.  Somewhat in the middle of the home, an item, a trinket, a personal belonging, quite hidden from view.  If you haven’t found them out already and exposed their lies, then you haven’t done enough work.  No one gets away with stealing from a dead person.  All of it.  Their money, stolen.

Where is the journalistic integrity?  I write an address and you automatically include them in an interview, and my work day?!  Did you do any background checking at all?!

These people have probably had access to the real persons working in that neighborhood and their homes because their stories were believed except by me.  Except by others who saw them too in that interview.

Whoever used the word, brother to me on my driveway – shutdown.  Very bad person.

Anyone remember the news story about a brother and sister who tried to obtain money from Disney by creating a false story about a woman being raped in her hotel room only to be found out that her brother beat her up rather than a real rape story?  Disney changed their security details because of it, so the story went.

They were Florida Gypsy’s.  They made television shows based on these sorts of persons.

Chelsea should be fired for this lie alone.

Magnuson.  I am Magnuson from Sherlock.  It was so maddening, I had to do something.  I wasn’t going to throw away the broken pieces.  I am Magnuson because they could not figure out how I did it, how my brain worked, how I could know what I know.  How I could store all that information, details, bits of information, snapshots, people, locations, remember things and details the way I do, all in my head.  In my brain.  I needed no hard-copy.  I had it all in my head.  No vaults.

It looks like they needed the Bluetooth because I no longer worked at a call-center.  They created and used the Bluetooth to steal information from me.

They could have asked me to work for them.  They could have employed me.  In fact, they should have not only invited me, they should have begged me to work for them and the US government.  Instead, they chose to abuse and manipulate their powers using me to do their work for them.

I did their work for them.

I did their work for them.

Obviously, they (because it is several persons) must not have had the skill, skill level, skill set, and ability I have without any of their training.

No, I do not and would not condone or order the killing of persons.  Stop being so redundantly dumb.  China, the US, and other countries already know this about me.

What did they put in my coffee?  Obvious to me that it is not a chemical it is from a natural source.  I used to buy and take vitamins every day until this house and the black woman teacher rules not allowing me to buy or swallow vitamins.  It was used, I believe, to further illustrate the point, they have been doping me to create a false version of me.  Instead of allowing me to like what I like and use and buy the things I like.

God, help you they put weight gainer in my coffee creamer.

No, I am not sorry I upstaged you.  I am not sorry that I upstaged him and your stories that you wanted me to write.  Why are they afraid of him, I said outside my door?  Mine is the bigger story.  And, yes, I do know how high up he goes.  Mine is the bigger story.

Before I get to work again, let me make sure no one is under any delusions or illusions.  I, Cherith Gjestland, am not a lesbian prisoner having an affair with a prison guard at a prison.  This is the redundantly dumb story of Chelsea’s management.  Just so she can see her name.  Whoever Chelsea was that day.

This week on a very special episode of Chelsea and Cherith, we find out if her employment is in peril or not.  This is almost how it looks in their brain.  So, no I still do not feel like spending money.  From one week to the next I never know if my employment is valid?!  Who gets weekly evaluations?!  Weekly!

See my windows.

I caught a Chinese administrator of a prison in China.  What they did with this was cause me to lose work by – cleaning.  I caught him, I saw him in China sitting on a couch.  It took me days to clean up in my own home.

The ASL “I love you” shirt in the window was for the US prison administrator who is a good man and not a lesbian.

The window illustration did not have the time of day, it looked like afternoon, 3:30ish.  It could be a different time I was looking at the light to tell the time.

If you are asking the question.  If the question is being asked of me, and it seems it is, the answer is on the pants alone.  It looks like that is the job he wants.  My Christmas tree profile.

Yes, I did think to myself as I was typing Osama bin Laden that I should double-check the spelling just to be sure.  Then, I thought, no, it’s ok.  Did you or did you not catch somebody because of my misspelling?  You did.  I was correct again – in a misspelling.

I am going to warn you.  You will not want to read any further.  This – I am not sure how to write this other than writing it – is really and truly going to frighten people.

The September 11th attacks were preventable.  The way I see them, as I see them, they were preventable.  Intelligence had been given, ignored, or not received correctly.  Preventable.

Jim Moriarty from Sherlock, BBC.  “That is what people DO!”  This is taken from a real person working at a governmental level.  It is so wrong.  It is beyond painful to see such incorrect thinking.  Mental illness does not give or allow any person extraordinary gifts or insights.  There has been a thinking and employment of such persons on the basis that their mental illness would be similar to criminals and be a help.  I believe I have more than proven them – WRONG!

Do you know the reason and reasoning behind why I was thinking and creating a way to better our military uniforms?  Have you or anyone thought about why I, Cherith Gjestland, as a person employed hourly would spend her free time thinking about our military?  Anyone?

Killer eyes.  This is a huge misperception.  Massively wrong on such a scale.

What is the greatest cost of war?

What costs the taxpayers the most?  Weaponry?  Transportation?  Food?  Medicine?  Supplies?  Training?  Administration?  Structures and buildings?  Uniforms?

People.  People are the greatest cost of war.  People and the loss of life are the greatest cost of war and battle.  This is not in any way the same as knowing that death is real.  However, if it is possible to reduce the percentage of mortality by just one percent what that creates is enormous.  What if it is possible to reduce the number by 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 or more?  What if the cost of missions and battles reduced the amount and cost of medicals?

Before you anyone starts arguing.  Recruitments would go up.  Belief in the military would go up.  The stability within the country would go up.  And, the economy would go up simply because there would be more people to spend more money.

It is enormous.  I believe I am able to do that.

I am not sure you will be able to get every person that used the Tuesday and Thursday theater rehearsals for their intel, profiles, and other intelligence.

When David went to University Fall semester 2001, that place, that theater, rehearsals were no longer the same for me.  I was miserably unhappy, and it showed.

They didn’t need much encouragement on their side.  However, it looks almost identical.  They wanted to show you, you were wrong.  Because they used it in almost the same manner, there is a game element to it.

Whoever was with David in that argument at theater rehearsal, was not David, was not a good man, and I stood my ground because of it.

If you are unable to comprehend, this is not new.  This show is not new.  They have done this and used me for decades.  What happened in April 2018?  They placed a terrorist against me, and I shut the place down to protect it.

Truthfully, I do not want to write this.  I do not believe the public is ready for this kind information.  Yet, it must be told.  They, like you, used me to show you – you were wrong.  The connection is to whomever was using my theater rehearsals.  They used my travelling before the September 11th attacks to tell you so.

If you do not understand the shut-down, let me explain it to you.  It is in my head.  It is in my head alone.  I am given no latitude whatsoever.  Just think and imagine this: Place yourself in a small room, walls, ceiling, floor, and a closed door.  Suddenly, there is another person in the room.  What if they were a bad person?  A very bad person who does real harm to people.  A very bad brain.  Yet, you are not allowed to speak, to move, to have any action whatsoever because it is in your brain and not the reality in front of you.  You do not get to shout at them, or handcuff them, or interrogate them, or get the answers to questions like why did they kill my mother?

No, I do not wish to speak, or be proxied with any of these people.

My mother’s last stroke if it has not been discussed, or if you have not figured it out was theater to someone.  It was staged – like theater.

So, the only other option I see is to shut my brain down.  It is not the same as telling a nightmare they are not real or dispelling them into nothingness with my own thoughts.  There is a difference.  They have been using it on more than me.  Because awake – it is not the reality that is in front of me.

They should have begged me to work for the government.  They knew what they had in me.  They should have begged me.

When I worked at JC Penny, I was not yet eighteen, walking around my department I approached another associate since there were no customers to get to know him.  He told me his name was Joe, I told him my Grandmother’s name was Jo because I was asking him to back down.  He was trying to intimidate me by being mean, unfriendly, and surly.  I was telling him in my manner of person his manner and approach was unnecessary.  Unnecessary.  It is about the equivalent difference between a local PD and the FBI.  There is a reason they take over the crime scene from the local PD.

Do not be mistaken, when I wrote you will have to fire me.  I was not referring to myself.  You need to fire yourself.  If you wait until the end of the year, you will be waiting too long.  They want to use David for Christmas and New Year’s.

Who is the wino?  There is someone who is a wino.  They have been drugging me since I was 18.  Their alcohol of choice is wine.  This is probably the same woman who loses her mind when she sees that triangle on my chest.  All she sees is the triangle and her guilt because of it.

Whoever thought and created this notion of a black woman being the personification of me and myself is beyond dumb and wrong.  Empathy.  In this house they’ve confused empathy and heart with a vagina, a black hole, and a black woman.  That is how I saw myself.  I had a picture in my mind of my empathy for others being bigger than my own body.  Empathy is vastly different than a vagina, than a black hole, than a black woman.  Empathy is vastly different.

They saw an opportunity.  The terrorists saw an opportunity.  Wasn’t the former President in Florida on the same day?  That agent that you believed was the woman behind Zero Dark Thirty was asking me about romantic notions on the same hum ba-la-la day.  Of course, I said no because it is and was a no.


The Christmas Tree profile: I believe a person at an agency level hired someone on their own time to abuse my brother to create an asset to be used.  If you have been paying attention at all then you would understand that my excluding gay persons from my readings was for the benefit of all.  I do not believe that gay persons either male or female are deficient in morals, character, are vindictive, jealous, mean, petty, malleable, manipulative, superficial, vain, again, morally deficient because of their sexual orientation.  To portray gay persons as such, in this way, to continue this gross mischaracterization because of their sexual orientation is beyond repugnant to me.  The harm it does in incalculable.  Incalculable.

My brother is intelligent.  He was able to graduate early.  He was 15 in his 16th year when he graduated high school.  I do not believe my brother should have lost his hair so early in life.  He was a teenager when he started losing his hair, very quickly.  He was also very pale as he was losing his hair.  Probably David should not have lost his hair either.

The missionary tract with the name Cherith Til that my father found in the hospital after I was born is suspicious.  In hindsight.

Whoever they sent to kill my Grandfather, spoke to someone in Norway from the Missionary Church Organization that my Grandparents were affiliated, then set off to my Grandparents in South Africa.

Cat People is based off of a real man not a woman who cut peoples arms off.  They caught him because of me.  He would never have been caught, I believe otherwise.  He would have died never having to pay or answer for his crimes.  They caught him because of me and the profile I wrote.

I could spew – spew – for years non-stop.  Like Summer Grace being used to see if I would notice.  Mine is the bigger story.

No, I do not want to watch the movie, Hamlet.

Congratulations, there will be no t-shirt change.  See my windows.

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