December 17, 2018: Binoculars



December 17, 2018


The rain, frozen icicles, solid, feet and feet long, thick, 10, 12, and longer, solid icicles falling from the sky, is the and a hit list of persons.  The threat was not imminent as I saw it, or I would have written sooner, unanimous or not, my employment still feels a great concern to my welfare.  The threat will be more heightened as soon as this is published.

If people failed to notice – there is so much in that Sherlock series, what a delightfully lovely notion and idea for a cover, an actor – the phone reference in Sherlock is not me.  The phone being her protection is not me.  It is to the other people on the other end of the phone using me to catch the baddies and get their paychecks.

More than 10 hours it took me to sew patches on my pants.  I cannot afford new pants either.  That’s more than a full day just to cloth myself?!  I placed my patches where I wanted and paid no attention whatsoever to what anyone said or did not say to me.  I am wearing them how they speak to me.

The Hollywood connection to the movies is my whole life.  The River Wild, I screamed and screamed while we (my real family) were tubing down the Columbia River.  Someone was nearby.  It was not because of the water or the current.  And someone else noticed his reaction to me screaming.

Truthfully, I think we were made to move from Simi Valley, California because I ruined their plans as a small child.  I was supposed to become afraid of dogs after the dog bit me.  I did not.  I would not.  I have not.  I see and saw that dog and other animals.  I can talk to animals.  It is something they were not prepared for.

It was an amazing discovery for persons who were following me while I was vacationing in Australia and New Zealand.  Me, talking to the animals.  Whoever was watching me and my family while on vacation was not prepared for who was watching them.  I see a break-in in a police officer’s home in Australia, nothing but photographs were taken.  This is the unfortunate Heath Ledger connection.

When my brother emailed or communicated through his computer about me to a person or several persons.  I see him sitting at his computer and straight lines going almost North, more East, North, then lines and lines shooting straight out until almost four or five o’clock from where he sat.  These lines are the neighbors hacking into the communication.  Somehow being involved where they had no business to do so.

I found it morbidly obscene that a family member of one of the women who poisoned my mother were allowed near me while I was working.  Morbidly obscene.

Did anyone believe him to be an MI-6 man?  He looks as cheap and thin as the carbon copy from which he told his story.  The video interpretation had more meaning than his flimsy background story.  For this I have suffered weight-gain?!  Some stupid claiming to be MI-6?!

So much cleaning.  So much laundry.

Emotionally drained.

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