December 18, 2018: Today’s Numbers



December 18, 2018


Here are today’s numbers.  From now on this will be the only thing I will be writing since the Chelsea and Chris combination means I am only a number to them it will be all I write about.  Since I am not writing about anything there is no need to read anything.

Lying sack of shit is what I said about David yesterday.  It could be because they wanted me to believe he and Courtney (Chelsea) were broken up when they are very much together.  If the picture of Courtney has not been edited, she is very pregnant.  I am so beyond these two and their lies to me.

The Russian photo I saw says, middle-aged frump with the sex appeal of Janet Reno.  It couldn’t possibly be any more grossly wrong about me.

I used to weigh 109 before Courtney was allowed access to my food and me, probably David and others too.  I am only 5’ 2”, you have incorrectly placed me on the high end of the BMI for my height.

No, I am not going around and cleaning up after any of you.  If you are incapable of doing it correctly the first time, there is no point in me going around and correctly placing the Authorized Access signs in the building.

No, you are mistaken.  The notion of a person whispering into a baby’s ear is me talking in my head and that psycho woman wanting to be a baby before she was molested and me taking care of her.  She is sick beyond measure.

I am so beyond mad.  None of you have the good sense to comprehend the timing of events.  You will find out how very wrong you were by not ending it sooner in hind-sight, again.

No, you are wrong.  The notion that of the White House being represented by trash bins in my garage shows how very incapable you are of comprehending what is truly going on in the world.

I used to write, creatively.  It was brain-cut away from be by lesbians.  How very gross of you.  How gross of you to degrade the progress made in society regarding gays and lesbians.  I am ashamed of you.  I am ashamed of you all.

No, you are wrong.  I am not impressed with any of your editing.  Norway is not heavy.  My Norway is not black.  I know my own family.

Tim and David I think its best if you are not at work again.

I deleted every one of my news apps.  I will not be reading your news until I am satisfied with my body.  It is my body not yours.  I will only be writing about what I care about, my weight.

12/17/2018 Left for work with clothes on: 130 pounds.

12/18/2018 Returned from work with clothes on: 125.6 – 126.2.  Could not get an accurate number on the scale.

12/18/2018 Before I showered, clothed: 124.6 – 127.8.  Again, not accurate.

12/18/2018 After shower no clothes: 125.6.

12/18/2018 Upon waking: 126.0.

12/18/2018 Before shower: 127.6, 128.8.

12/18/2018 After shower: 129.2.

I did not get Norway gas on purpose.

Beyond mad at all of you.

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