December 19, 2018: Today’s Numbers



December 19, 2018


They were two lesbian women who were in charge at Promus/Hilton when I worked there.  Whoever was there followed me to Disney.  I cannot comprehend why they would have set out to harm, hurt, then kill my mother. Man.  Men.  These two words are very destructive to a woman who would not mind if men were removed from the planet entirely.  It is obvious to me those gypsy posers piggy-backed onto our electricity making me pay for their electric bill while they did not have to pay.  Masturbation has never been a lifestyle choice for me, I have been waiting for men to come along and been denied access to men for decades.  My mother.  They sought out to kill my mother, men are a very big trigger for this person when they are around me especially if I like them, look happy around them, flirt with them, and glow around them.

Today’s numbers.

Return from work: 124.0.

Before shower: 124.4, 124.8.

Upon waking: 125.8.

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