December 23, 2018: Right Lane Ends!



December 23, 2018

Right lane ends.  Right lane ends.  Right lane ends.  It ends.  I am so disgusted with you people.  Is there a reason why in all these years I’ve worked for Amazon I have been denied access to the employee discount until recently?!  Was someone trying to make it appear as though I worked elsewhere?

It makes Disney look culpable.  The strokes on my mother.  3:10 to Yuma.  The killing of my mother it makes Disney look culpable.

Disney, when I worked there, started a 100%, pass or fail.  No other call center functions in this capacity, and it had to change.  I remember telling my manager because I was so upset at the stupidity of the notion, I care too much.

This person would not be a sociopath, they would have to be a split-personality of such a degree they order their personalities around probably the likes of which have never been seen before.  This is what I am seeing.

Miracle.  I am a natural talent.  Miracle on 34th street.  Miracle on the ice.  It makes the Presidential shooting appear to be motivated by the Olympic win over the Russians.

If David misses me, he needs to seek the help of a therapist.  It is not the same for me.  He is not my true love in my opinion.  I have been wanting nothing but men ever since to take me out, be a man, and treat me as a woman.  I have been denied access to men, men I would find attractive, men I want, so they can use me instead.  David needs the help of a therapist.  If David is not able to be in a relationship with a woman unless he gets to talk to me and be with me as well, he needs the help of a therapist.  I don’t feel that way about him.  David has never been the man I need, to me.  So, I have been looking and waiting for other men.

I am not a person to absolve someone from their sins with washing.  Pressure washing to someone means I am absolving them of their sins.  I am not.  I will not.

My mother.  My mother who loved everyone.  You people allowed her to be killed.  I am beyond rage.  My cats you allowed to be killed because I was not afraid.  I am beyond rage.

I took photographs of the bruises I’ve endured while working at Amazon.  No one else received bruises.  No one else gets beaten while working there.

The thought of me with a tall man with good looks is so upsetting to someone they have deprived me my whole life of male companionship.  I am beyond rage.

Whoever was here spying on me last Friday, I do not like.  The hacked my computer and destroyed everything I was writing.  I am beyond rage.

Chelsea is not, will not in any way be in my protection.  I am beyond rage.

Chris never has been, never will be in my protection.  I am beyond rage.

Everything I had been doing and working on, Chelsea ruins.  She is sick.  I am beyond disgusted with that place and building.

I am so disgusted with you people.  You cut me open to destroy my life.  You cut my Norway art to make yourself feel better for destroying my body.

I am in no mood for Christmas.

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