December 24, 2018



December 24, 2018


I voted for Al Gore.  As a registered Republican, I voted for Al Gore in the 2000 election.  Republicans voting for Democrats – happens.  I voted mainly on the social agenda on his ticket, it was the need I saw.  The need I saw that needed to happen.  This is the crime from Sherlock of the traveling sportsman, the 2000 election of the United States.  The man at the airport pushing my mother in the wheelchair, has always stood out to me.  Thinking brains.  Unlike other brains.  My mother voted for Bush, she was surprised to learn I had voted for Gore.  Anyone can see this if you look for it.

When I was in Australia and New Zealand, I see someone who thought it remarkable that I was talking, communicating, and interested in the wildlife, animals, and birds.  I had always wanted to go to the Brisbane zoo while Steve Irwin was there.  I talked about it.  I watched the interview of his wife after his death with my mother in the nursing home.  She hadn’t been in the nursing home long.

Am I the only one seeing the connections?

I would have been in eighth or ninth grade, I went to a break-dancing competition at a high-school in Portland.  I talked with a taller boy a grade or two a head of me, his name was Eric.  This is probably the White Nights proxy connection.  I let you think about that yourselves.  How I got there, how I got home, I don’t remember, most likely my mother drove; however, all I remember was talking to Eric on the bleachers almost the whole night.

Almost all of the photos I took while in Australia and New Zealand were of animals.  We stopped at a rest area on the side of the road while driving, and I am telling you this little bird flew down on a post in the parking lot as if to say to me, I heard you were here.  What are you doing?  What’s going on?  We talked for several minutes.

Is in love with me, looks like that he is in love with me.  Not she, he is in love with me.

The Christmas stocking in my window my mother sewed for me as a child.  She sewed one for all of us unique to each of us, not matching to conform, but to convene personality and unique traits of my father, brother and myself.

Be aware, the time off I have feels as though it is only going to be maintenance and not rest.  It will probably take me that long.

I am beyond sad, yet reading.

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