Tim Wolfe



December 24, 2018


I took the phone from his hands, I did not destroy my glasses as they wanted me to.  See the non-angry message written on my face.  She was planning something had I made a display of my glasses, however, I will destroy all the ruined photographs of their non-real editing.

If what I am seeing is real and correct it looks as though it was planned.  Planned from the moment you told people she was pregnant.  I see snipping.  I see that they lied about the cause of death.  I see that they want to make the connection now between their unborn baby and my mother; however, it does not seem to be true.  It is only because of how I have written about it since then they want to make a connection to them with me hearing David’s name in my ear to appease their guilt.

It looks planned.  Why would they want to do that?!

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