September 12, 2019: READ: Twilight

September 13, 2019

It is, it is just a little bit creepy considering I used to have a vest I wore when I worked at Dillard’s that looked almost identical to Aro in the final scene in Twilight, Breaking Dawn.  Is there really not another person in the world to be of inspiration to any writers, movies, or television, other than me, or now that I know this has been all about me, will it finally end, and you will all move on to someone else.

It was a black vest, dressy, and it had gold, and the buttons, it looked sharp, military, and my mother bought it for me.  It doesn’t make me Aro, morons.  Especially, if you read it correctly, it means you really don’t want the terrorists to win, do you?  Or am I the ONLY one who still believes terrorism in all its varieties can be vanquished – forever?

Alec, the character Alec, from Twilight, does he scare everyone?  Do you want to hurt and harm him?  Well, Alec is nothing more than to say, the actor Alec Baldwin, from the movie The Shadow.  And, what is The Shadow, all about?  A building that an entire city did not realize existed.  And what is a building other than a person’s, brain, mind.

That’s me, as the building, I always liked this movie, I saw it in Hyde Park, Florida.  It is probably the reason, the very lame and dumb reason someone thought a gay, really a gay man, would help me to remember the movie, The Shadow, and its meaning.

Therefore, I am Alec in Twilight, nope, I very much doubt I have ever worked for the enemy; however, as has been previously written, there have been failures, at least one, not of my part, but by our own government, to secure me.  Failures in communications, not of me, of our government.

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