September 16, 2019: READ: Upset.

September 16, 2019

I am simply too upset and hurt beyond words.  All my writing, I’ve placed on hold and haven’t published, and I’ve stopped notetaking.

Probably someone thought they needed to make me famous, as a way to stop the attacks.  What they forgot to realize, or failed to realize, all it would have taken would be for me to truthfully understand all the work, I’ve already done.

There is no reason for this televised life to continue with me all alone.  You have taught my father to live without me, and my brother to live without me, as if you are preparing them for my death and funeral.

Shame on all of you for not allowing me to get married for real, and love for real.

I cannot stand your deception.

I am so upset, I am not reading or writing, anymore.

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